The Fleeting Joys – Despondent Trasponder (Only Forever Recordings)

At this point I think it’s pretty safe to say that My Bloody Valentine won’t release a follow-up to Loveless. There have been some glimmers of hope in the past few years – tales of the band reconvening in the studio have occasionally circulated around the internet – but it’s just not going to happen. This is where California’s Fleeting Joys come into the picture. The group has My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless-era sound down to a “t”. The dense fog of disorienting guitars, the powerful drums, hard to understand vocals that could be coming from a man, a woman, or both….it’s all here. Seriously, you could pass these nine songs off as a collection of unreleased My Bloody Valentine tracks and nobody would know.

Sounds pretty pointless, right? Wrong. If the Fleeting Joys were just copying Kevin Shields and Co. without doing anything interesting with it, it would be easy to ignore them. However, The Fleeting Joys have some top-notch tunes. In fact, a few songs are as good as anything on Loveless (“Go and Come Back,” “Patron Saint,” and the awesome instrumental “I Want More Life FKR”), and that’s no light praise. They don’t have a record deal yet (Only Forever is the band’s own label), but they should. Hell, I’d sign ’em if I knew how to run a label! Given a proper recording budget, they could put out a classic.

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