The Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty: Deluxe Edition (Capitol Records)

Whereas the previous two Beastie Boy albums (Ill Communication and Check Your Head) found them straddling the line between hip-hop and alternative rock, on Hello Nasty they move more towards the hip-hop side of things – or at least towards their own unique take on the genre. This meant saying goodbye to many of the live instruments (which is probably for the best since they’re better rappers than musicians) and long-time member DJ Hurricane, who was replaced by Mixmaster Mike. The result was a concoction of drum machines, early electronica, and the trio’s playful rhyming, which is sharper than  ever before, or has been in the years since. Track after track, the lyrics and music work in unison with “Three MC’s And On DJ”, “Just A Test” and mega-hit “Intergalactic” among the most explosive songs. Although the boys didn’t put any funk instrumentals on Hello Nasty, there are a few genre workouts in the 22 track sprawl: “Song For The Man” is electronica-meets-lounge kitsch, “And Me” indulges in drum’n’bass, and “Song For Junior” is Santana-esque Latin-rock with Miho Hatori from Cibo Matto doing vocals. The Boys even meet up with one of their idols, Lee Perry, for the dub track “Dr. Lee PhD” although the results are actually kind of forgettable.

The new edition of the album features remastered sound, and a second disc of bonus songs. The bonus material is mostly of throwaway jams and song fragments. The only keepers are the remixes of album cuts, including Fatboy Slim’s take on “Body Movin”.



Disc: 1

1. Super Disco Breakin’ 2. The Move 3. Remote Control 4. Song for the Man 5. Just a Test 6. Body Movin’ 7. Intergalactic 8. Sneakin’ Out the Hospital 9. Putting Shame in Your Game 10. Flowin’ Prose 11. And Me 12. Thee MC’s and One DJ 13. The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin’) 14. Song for Junior 15. I Don’t Know 16. The Negotiation Limerick File 17. Electrify 18. Picture This 19. Unite 20. Dedication 21. Dr. Lee, PhD 22. Instant Death

Disc: 2

1. Description Of A Strange Man 2. Dirt Dog previously unreleased track 3. Intergalactic (Colleone & Webb Remix) 4. Dr. Lee, PhD (Dub Mix) 5. Switched On (previously unreleased track) 6. Body Movin’ (Fatboy Slim Remix) 7. Auntie Jackie Poom Poom Delicious (previously unreleased track) 8. Putting Shame In Your Game (Prunes Remix) 9. Stink Bug (previously unreleased track) 10. Peanut Butter & Jelly 11. Piano Jam (previously unreleased track) 12. Happy To Be In That Perfect Headspace 13. The Negotiation Limerick File (41 Small Star Remix) 14. The Drone (previously unreleased track) 15. 20 Questions Version 16. The Biz Grasshopper Experiment 17. Hail Sagan (Special K) 18. Body Movin’ (Kut Masta Kurt Remix) 19. Creepin’ (previously unreleased track) 20. Learning Remote Control 21. Oh My Goodness This Record’s Incredible


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