TAB The Band – Long Weekend (North Street Records)

This Boston trio’s debut album is a throwback to decadent early-’70s rock bands like The New York Dolls, Alice Cooper and Aerosmith (full disclosure: 2/3 of the band are Joe Perry’s children, and I bet Steven Tyler has given them some vocal pointers), but played at punk tempos. The Stones get a few nods on Long Weekend’s slower numbers like “Where She Was On Monday” and the album’s best song “I Know That You’re Leaving”, a ballad that features affecting lyrics and an economical run-time of 2:17. There aren’t enough bands these days who let it rip like these guys do on “Heavy Idea” or “Looking Pretty, Pretty” which fuses a ’60s spy-movie guitar riff to a ’70s hard-rock groove, and today’s groups could also learn from Long Weekend’s brief runtime – ten songs in thirty minutes – which makes it the perfect kick in the pants for an increasingly tame and precious rock scene.

1 Backseat Lover
2 Looking Pretty, Pretty
3 Where She Was on Monday
4 Sticky Wickets
5 Apple of an Eye
6 I Know That You’re Leaving
7 Skip Your Class
8 My Baby Is Fine
9 Heavy Idea
10 Sallie Mae Wilcox: Ramblings of a Suitor

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