Outrageous Cherry – Seemingly Solid Reality (Alive Records)

I loved this Detroit outfit’s brilliant psych-pop album trilogy (Out There In The Dark, The Book Of Spectral Projections and Supernatural Equinox), but since then each Outrageous Cherry album has generated diminishing returns. Seemingly Solid Reality continues that downward spiral with a significant drop in quality. It’s not that the songs are bad. In fact, they’re pretty interchangeable with anything else from their post-2003 output. It’s the absolutely terrible recording quality. OC main-man (and usually brilliant producer) Matthew Smith completely destroys Seemingly Solid Reality with a flat and lifeless sound even the world’s best songs couldn’t overcome. “Forces Of Evil” could have been one of the bands best songs from the past few years, but not with that cheap drum and bass sound. Call it lo-fi if you want, I’ll just call it garbage.


1. Seemingly Solid Reality 2:13

2. Unbalanced In The City 3:12

3. Fell 2:52

4. My Ghetto 2:43

5. Self-Made Monster 3:06

6. The Happy Hologram 3:41

7. Nothing’s Changed 3:28

8. Forces Of Evil 3:14

9. I Like It 3:10

10. Unamerican Girls 3:39

11. The Unimportant Things 4:14

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