Oasis – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down (Universal Records)

It’s been over a decade since Oasis’ commercial and creative peak, so a documentary from the group’s 2005/6 World Tour is a curious move – like documenting the Rolling Stones on The Steel Wheels tour. Still, watching the Gallagher brothers go through a litany of fistfights, drugs, alcohol, and slagging off other bands has always been fun, so why not film it? Oddly enough, director Baillie Walsh misses that side of the band in Lord Don’t Slow Me Down. Perhaps everyone behaved for the cameras, or maybe the band are growing up and would rather be known for music than tabloid fodder. Fair enough if that’s the case, but it’s hard to defend the merits of a film where nothing interesting happens. Instead, we follow them through a seemingly never-ending series of hotel rooms, buses, planes, banal questions from radio hosts, backstage dressing rooms, and stadium stages. It’s interesting to watch for Oasis’ fans (and judging from the size of the venues they play, there are still a ton of them out there), and the Gallagher brothers spew a few fine quotes, but as a tour documentary, it doesn’t go anywhere Radiohead’s Meeting People Is Easy didn’t already go in 1998. The second disc is a sixteen-song live set from a 2005 stadium gig in Manchester. The songs run the gamut from old hits to new album tracks, with a cover of The Who’s “My Generation” thrown in at the end. The band plays like a tight unit, and the crowd eats it all up with gusto, proving that, although they’ll probably never generate raw excitement like they did in the mid-90’s, Oasis are quite good at being a professional stadium-rock group.

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