Leonard Cohen – Bird On A Wire (The Machat Company)

Bird On A Wire documents Leonard Cohen’s 1972 tour of Europe and Israel, giving viewers an intimate look at the madness, both on and off-stage, touring artists with a good-sized following experience on the road. You’ll see Cohen’s world as a constant stream of managers, interviewers, groupies, backstage hangers-on, concert promoters and other assorted creatures. If anything, Bird On A Wire is a precursor to Radiohead’s Meeting People Is Easy, which also shows the frustrations and absurdities of life on the road as a touring artist. Cohen’s interpersonal dealings are mildly interesting to watch, but the real draw is the concert footage, with no less than fifteen Cohen classics performed before a live audience. Cohen’s no Iggy Pop, but there’s something captivating about watching him wrestle with the solemn beauty of his songs in front of a live audience. The film is a mixed bag, but definitely worth checking out for Cohen-lovers.

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