Electric Asylum Vol. 4: Rock Hard British Freakrock (Past and Present Records)

The forth volume of the Electric Asylum series continues to unearth rarities from the crossroads of hard rock, psych, prog, glam and proto-punk in early-’70s England. I don’t know how the series’ compilers find so much undiscovered gold, but they’ve delivered another twenty brain-burners from bands with the kind of names that only could have sounded like a good idea after a few too many bong hits. Slowload get heavy and psychotic on “Big Boobs Boogie”, Wolfrilla glam up Zeppelin’s hard rock on “Come Tomorrow” and even The Smoke (of “My Friend Jack” notoriety) show up with “That’s What I Want” – a loving paean to a girl with joint-rolling talents. If you miss the kind of freewheeling hard rock that was common in the early-1970s there’s plenty of weedy fun to be had here.



2.SLOWLOAD Big Boobs Boogie

3.ROG AND PIP Warlord

4.WOLFRILLA Come Tomorrow


6.SMOKE That’s What I Want

7.SPUNKY SPIDER You Won’t Come

8.NING Machine

9.QUIET WORLD Rest Comfortably

10.HENRY TURTLE You Turned Your Back And Walked Away

11.BEAR BROTHERS Red Shoe Trucken

12.HARD HORSE So Long I’m Moving On

13.MUSTARD I Saw I Heard

14.TUESDAY Big Mr. Little Man

15.GODSON We’ve Not Made It

16.BUBBLES Zap n’ Cat


18.CLUTCH Black Angel

19.JACKAL Year Of The Tiger

20.SUNDANCE Eagles


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