The New York Dolls – Lookin’ Fine On Television (MVD Visual)

Back in 2005 a pretty good New York Dolls DVD came out called All Dolled Up. It was made from the extensive black and white footage Nadya Beck and Bob Gruen shot of the band in the 1970’s. It captured the Dolls on-stage and off, to give viewers a candid look at life in one of rock’s wildest and most compelling groups. Six years later, we get another Dolls DVD; this one called Lookin’ Fine On Television. All this DVD offers is that same footage cut up and re-edited into music videos to accompany the live audio tracks Beck and Gruen recorded with their camera. If repurposed footage sounds like a redundant waste of time, that’s because it is. How similar are the two Dolls DVDs? They even have the same image of the back cover! The only cool part of the package is a bonus interview with a drunk-looking David Johansen and Johnny Thunders in front of CBGB’s in 1976. Given the 35 of years of musical history that’s gone down since the interview, it’s funny to hear Thunders talking rather nonchalantly about his upcoming tour with “a group called the Sex Pistols” and about how he might change his band’s name from The Heartbreakers because of some new band called Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Outside of those brief moments, there’s nothing about Lookin’ Fine that’s worth your money.

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