Top Ten Live Clips: #5 – The MC5 “Looking at You”

This is an phenomenal performance –  the Five’s hard rock and proto-punk aggression perfectly married to R&B and soul revue showmanship. Just look at the Wayne State University crowd – a mix of white and black, all sporting cool hair and outfits you just don’t see very often these days.
Some other things to look out for:
– Wayne Kramer plays just five chords before he decides to stop playing and start dancing with his guitar. A cocky move, but one that lends a certain air of freedom to the performance.
– Synchronized frontline moves at 1:40
– Michael Davis repeats the same simple bass pattern until the 2:30 mark.
– Wayne Kramer’s bird dance at 2:12…I’m sure he’s baked out of his mind.
– 41 years on and still no white guy has sported a better afro than Rob Tyner.

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